What We Do

In 2012, Addlo Montessori School opened its doors to children in our community, providing a fully loaded Montessori Curriculum in our Pre- School Department. We had a vision of being at the forefront of ensuring that children are respected and guided to learn the way they have been created to learn: with peaceful joy and an inner motivation within the child, so that each can joyfully become whom they are meant to be.


To provide a wholesome Montessori education, through its philosophies to propel each child to reach their fullest potential

To provide the best learning environment for children so that they can enjoy and love learning.

To encourage each child to be disciplined, independent and develop good social and ethical standards

To prepare children for life in the 21st Century: as global leaders, solution providers and creative thinkers.

Our Vision

To nurture children who are well balanced academically and morally, to build and mold children with a global perspective, who are critical thinkers, problem solvers and lifelong readers and learners and finally to help the children develop to their fullest potential so we can produce effective future leaders for the community and nation.

Our Core Values

Excellence – Orderly, Independent and confident children

Integrity – Honesty, Ethics and Self respect

Peace – Having a concern and respect for others with a global perspective

Impactful leadership – making a meaningful contribution to society

Our Early Childhood Goals

  1. To provide an environment in which curiosity and the joy of discovery and understanding motivates learning.
  2. A place where children are encouraged to learn to question, to become involved, to live and work together, and to learn by helping one another.
  3. To provide an atmosphere which frees the child’s potential for self development.
  4. To help the child to discover the joys of intellectual and artistic endeavor, and to grow through activities that stimulate and fulfill individual abilities.
  5. To provide an extended family that will enhance the well-being of the community.


We believe that the Montessori method is the best way to educate a child. We know that each child is unique and different, we will work with this method and with each child to bring out the very best.

– Mrs Ayopeju Falekulo, Founder


“Since 2012 until now we have remained focus, and without mincing words we make this promise to you:

We shall unlock the full potential of your child through our well-rounded and wholesome Montessori Curriculum.
We will provide as safe environment for your child both physically and emotionally
We shall promote good social etiquette.
We shall take each child as an individual and propel them forward from where they are to where they need to be.”
– Mrs. Ayopeju Falekulo, Head Teacher

Our graduates are positioned to contribute as responsible and effective members of their communities.





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Top School

Addlo is a Montessori school that has caught the eyes of parents who desire quality care and education for children.

About School

One of the top priorities of our school is to create a positive atmosphere for both students & teachers.


Student Services

We create a conducive learning environment that makes our children showcase their inherent abilities and passion.

Quality Teaching

The quality of teaching is one of the main key pillars of the Addlo’s students-first approach to education. Our teachers are Graduates who continue to train professionally on the Job.

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